Counselling allows a person to explore their feelings and difficulties in a confidential, trusting environment. The counsellor is non-judgemental and supportive and endeavors to help find ways of coping, to facilitate change and to suggest different, fresh points of view.

The client should be able to see things more clearly and understand how difficulties may have arisen, for example, sometimes negative childhood experiences cause self-limiting behaviour such as low self esteem, anxiety and lack of confidence.

Talking with a professional can be more helpful than family and friends who may be biased, too emotionally involved or try to advise from their own perspective.

My counselling sessions involve a holistic approach which encompasses general wellbeing and relaxation.

I can also signpost to further support as appropriate.

Counselling can take place face to face if local to Suffolk (UK), by phone or email.

My charge is £23 per hour or £12 per half hour. Please contact me for further details.